Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some things pretty

For the next two weeks I'm NannySash! The gaurdian, sitter, cuddler and life-teacher to Jolene's gorgeous little 7 month old bubbler. Well, it feels like that's my job description!

We spend the day together encountering the world and all its delights and surprises - the switch above the couch that she can just reach that turns the light on above her, the lawn in the back yard, all the things we see on our walk around the neighbourhood and above all... my YARN!

Beautiful (yet considered "weeds") flowers we found on our walk - they carpetted the park

We were sitting out the back on some blankets I'd put out over the lawn and I would knit intermittently while she played about sitting up, standing, tumbling, crawling, playing with the blanket edging etc.. when she discovered the bright green strand of yarn coming from what I was holding her face lit up and she made a bee line for it!

(Stunning colours and markings - like butterfly flowers)

She pulled the strand til it was quite long and then tangled herself up in it quite nice - I would disentangle her and take a bit more yarn for me to use, leaving the looseball-end with her to play.. then she discovered the BALL of yarn! Well! She gazed at it in amazement and held it aloft! Then of course it was the "I'm going to eat you" game and I had to rescue the yarn! I think we can safely say she wil be a yarn addict just like her mama!!

The yarn she so adored is the handpsun I promised to speak of - but still haven't, ack! I promise photos and details soon! In anycase, I managed to eke out half a swatch while we were sitting outside together and it's looking good!

dandylion swatch may08 002
(swatch beginnings)

I love how the stitches are made irregular in size and 'poofiness' by the handspun's changes in width!

I've recently started working one day a week in the metal trades industry, to get a feel for that environment for when the Shveetie and I get work away. I decided on my second week there that everyone could use some homebaked loveliness, this time in the form of vanillabutter cream cupcakes!
They were a big hit with the lads (I'm the only woman and, unsurprisingly given the context, only knitter too!) who got stuck in, but notably avoided the purple ones - Ha!!

To be honest I picked the colours because last week when Jolene and I were crusing around spotlight I saw some yarn in colours that spoke to me - bright orange, purple, green... stunning. But alas, I cannot go spending willy-nilly at the moment, and even more annoyingly I had pegged the yarn for a french market bag (the colours would be fantastic in stripes together) but alas! The yarn is superwash!! But neverind, I will simply have to adjust my plans for those colours into some other item where superwash is a good thing, and then wait til I have the fund to indulge!

Okay, I'm off to prepare for another baby day!! I must do my stretches and warm up - don't want to pull a muscle with all that cuddling!


shazzy said...

see I didnt even know you had a drum kit, Im kicking myself, esp cause the spunk collects them yanno lol.
Did you know my old place is up for rent has huge space and spare rooms galore and heaps cupboards.
Miss you all very muchly yanno

Ann said...

Your nanny job sounds like fun. Love those pretty cupcakes - your colleagues are so lucky. Hope to see you soon.

Inoriz said...

Lovely colourful cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!

They look really sweet. :) Both aesthetically and err.. mouthingly...

By the way, Rachel is 8 months. Not 7 months. :D