Friday, June 27, 2008

Another favourite colour

Green is of course still my truest fancy, but another favourite colour must be added to the mix!

Who would have known having one's OWN orange tree in ONE's own backyard would be such a fantastical experience?! Of course the Shveetie and I have long been yearning for our own land with more than a lone orange tree - many fruits and vegetables and so on.. But til now we have only just imagined the joy of fresh plucked goodness!

oragejune 08

Our very own orange tree with such delicious goodies on almost every branch! I have consumed two such goodies today and plan to continue in this reckless manner until the tree is completely looted, or I am completely cured - whichever comes first!


thetinylittlegirl said...

orange is my all time favourite colour but i hate to eat oranges!

Ann said...

I love oranges too & just had own. I am so jealous that you have your own tree!