Monday, June 30, 2008

A foiled update

oh my goodness.

I just wrote out a huge tome-like post and then with the clumsy mash of a few keys on the keyboard as my fingers flicked away typing like the wind...

it was gone.


Somehow it's too raw a feeling of being robbed to try to retype it now... I shall recommence a little later I think!

For now let's comfort ourselves by looking at some super delicious stash yarn...

chasmere blend june 08 003

Knittery 4ply Merino Cashmere Sock - 60%Merino, 20% Cashmere, 20% Nylon

So dreamy - still deciding what to do with it even though I've had it so long..

chasmere blend june 08 001

Okay, that feels better now :)

Yarn can always right the internet's wrongs and heal the wounds it leaves by its frustrations! ;)

1 comment:

2paw said...

I hate it when that happens!! But the gorgeous green wool would cheer anyone up. I can feel its softness!!! So green!!!