Thursday, June 26, 2008


Alas I have been struck down by the dreaded lergy! Long have I dodged, ducked and dived out of the way of its infections and hideous symptoms but alas, I have fallen victim! I don't know whether to blame my last 4 weeks at the new job, being once again thrust into an environment of airconditioning and recycled air - but I walk so often out in the fresh air each day - who knows!?

crook june 08 004

Suffice to say I am feel very crummy and my chief triumph of activity today was to attend a Dr's apt (two blocks away, by car) and to watch Emma without falling asleep. The rest of the day actually has been spent asleep! So I'm hugging my hot water bottle (complete with lovely fuzzy faux-mink cover from my lovely Mama) and consuming much of the fabulous elixir that is hot lemon and honey

crook june 08 002

The real kicker is that with my wrist playing up lately (I blame the 25 push ups I did at my work medical, and the 40 hour weeks of constant computer use) I can't even KNIT on my days off from work! Oh the HUMANITY!! I may just slip in a few rounds here and there for medicinal purposes, but will try to be very good and extremely restrained.. Don't want the pain to continue on and on or develop into something worse like Carpal Tunnel.

So I shall use the proven remedy of chocolate, much Austen paraphenalia (movies, audio books etc..), lemon and honey and cuddles from ze shweetie - and also try a French remedy suggested by Flore; hot red wine with cinnamon!


Lushorama said...

Poor bugger, I hope your lergy leaves you in peace soon!! I've had MORE than my fair share this year so far (I blame the children...), so my nose is blocked in sympathy for you!!!
Hope to see you next knit-night, it's been forever!
(want to borrow Connor and Elly for snuggles? Or are you able to get hold of Chilli?? Puppy-snuggles cure-all)

Ann said...

Hope you feel better soon. Nothing much helps but rest. Take care.