Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Malabrigo...

Yes, it's definately becoming an addiction, I'll admit that. They do say that admission is the first step towards recovering, don't they?
But is Malabrigo dependancy really something I need or want to recover from?! I just don't know.. So I have welcomed a little more into my life.. and into my relationship ;) 9 lovely skeins of Red Mahogany for a jumper for the shweetie.
Red Mahogany Malabrigo Worsted
He's so very deserving of a scrumptious hand knit jumper, being a scrumptious himself. There will be many self designed, customised and handspun jumpers in his future too, so we decided on a quick and easy pattern to follow for this first one, so I can get cracking sooner rather than later - Cobblestone!
It's had such success and led to much rapture in the kntiting world, so I showed the design to Sir Scrumptious and he agreed, so off we go!
Cobblestone June (2)
Not much done at this stage in terms of measurement vertically - but the width is giiiiinormous!! Skoot wants a nice big, super snuggley oversized jumper and well.. this will certainly deliver! About 9 inches of ease!! heheheee I'll be making other little alterations as I go along, but I'll tell you of them when we get there, for now I'm thoroughly enjoying endless stockinette in the round with soft.. soft.. buttery addicitive malabrigo... mmmmmm....
p.s. if you're not yet addicted and perhaps want to try a little, I highly recommend my local crack dealer, Yarn and Kisses, such fabulous yarn in the most amazing of colours, surely you can't resist it for long? Better be done with it and give in now to the urge... ;)


Ann said...

It sure looks big - how many stitches did you cast on? The yarn looks so yummy.

thetinylittlegirl said...

the yarn sure does look snuggly! i'm in need of a snuggly jumper, it's been cold here lately.