Saturday, July 19, 2008

Central Park Hoodie - Finished!

It is officially time to get up and BOOGIE - I have at last completed my hoodie!!

cph complete!
Better photos properly modeled will follow in time, I promise ;) But I was so excited I simply HAD to capture it's warm and completed-ness on film right away!!

I so very much enjoyed knitting up this jumper - my first hand knit jumper! The knitting process stretched out across almost a year, as I continued to self-sacrifice, putting aside the knitting I was doing for myself in order to finish other knitted items for friends and family (isn't it always the way with knitters, but we wouldn't change it for the world - it shows how much love we have in our lives and so lucky to have such lovely and loveable people around us, so deserving of hand knits!)

I still want to add buttons, but will wait 'til I get to Perth and find just the right ones. I still consider the jumper finished though - I've worn it out to dinner at the mess hall for it's first public airing and everything!!

The yarn is quite rough, but will soften with a wash, if my swatch proves a good example. Even if it doesn't soften up much I think it'll still be fine - when I wore it to the mess the other night all I had underneath was a singlet, and I didn't feel itchy or irritated. I think if I ever feel uncomfortable or itchy it will be from the pure heat of such wool! SO toasty moasty - unbelievable!! Perfect for the weather here at the moment - super frosty in the mornings and evenings, just right for a thick tweed hoodie!!

As I was knitting the button band I wasn't knitting from a ball, or even dangerously from an unwound skein - what I knit from was... the frogging of a sleeve!

cph button banding

When I started knitting the first sleeve I mixed up the calculations for increasing and ended up with the sleeve too tight for comfort. Instead of frogging right away, though, I decided to keep it around.. you never know.. I could have felted it into a tiny cushion cover or maybe sewn it up as a mini heat bag? Anyway, what I ended up using it for was to frog after all, knitting straight onto the button band! This leaves me with two complete skeins left over.. hmmm... MORE possibilities!

I'll give complete details of the modifications I made and so on when I post most pictures :) But there are a few more details on my project page on Ravelry for those who are interested and can't hold out! The colour in the top picture is very washed out - the yarn is actually the exact yarn used in the pattern knit and modeled in the Knit Scene that features this pattern! A lovely green with flecks of orange and purple - so poppy, so punchy! So... finished!! *beams and boogies some more*

p.s. That first line wasn't actually intended to rhyme, but now that I've noticed it does.. I'm digging the rhyming hoodie boogie groove!

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Ann said...

Gorgeous & you have done a fantastic job. Will love to see you wearing it.