Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dusty Donga Days

I've managed to revive my camera so have a few shots to give an idea of what my life is looking like at the moment! When I'm not at "work" that is.. no site shots yet - just camp!

My little front door!
Donga front door
We have every second Saturday off, so 13 days work-one day off is the way it goes. On my day off I picked up some little necessities for my room including my liddle pot plants!! Not sure how they'll cope in the hotter months, but for now they seem quite happy :) I have two pots inside too, climbing jasmine - lovely!

My donga from afar!My room is the one with the door open (pre pot plant photo). The camp is set out with masses of these little 4-donga-demountables but is set out in such a way the 1200 rooms don't have a militant lay out feeling, more like a little village.
Donga front
Look at that sky!! The blue is SO vivid and seldom are there any clouds to break the magnificent expanse of sky. We've put up our own clotheslines as you can see. Mine was the first to go up, and two of my neighbours who are riggers by trade were very complimentary on the knots, tension and overall design - high praise form those in the know!!

Inside I have a single bed, wardrobe, bar fridge, tv, kettle, ensuite and this little desk!
Donga desk area 2
As you can see I've tried to make the interior are homely as possible too - complete with plushie toast!

And of course.. how much knitting did I take with me to last a mere 3 weeks? Well... THIS much..
yarn stash on camp!
Heheee! Well, better to be safe than stranded without fibre - right?


Michelle said...

hey babe!! how have you been? will you be staying at the same place all the time? you made it look really cosy!!

miss u!!!

Ann said...

It looks cozy but the most important thing is the knitting. Looks like you will have lots of time for knitting. Hope to see you soon.

Melita said...

Sash it's good to see you got your priorities right! Taking lots of yarn with you! Well we'll hope to see lots of FO's in the near future... catch you when you get back.

shazzy said...

Glad to see you got your priorities right with the knitting... Personally I think I would have sent a parcel before hand. lol....
Happy to see your happy, look forward to catching up with you again one day soon
Miss ya chook
Shazzy Wazzy Woooooo