Monday, July 21, 2008


Just before flying away to work I received a very lovely parcel in the mail

An international parcel...

An unexpected parcel....

Kindness stash

Funky lovely fabulous nuttnbunny had sent me a kindness parcel of wonderful goodies!!

She asked e for my address a little while ago, but I had sort of put that thought to the back of my mind, but when the parcel arrived I opened it with exultant glee to find some beautiful goodies inside!

Some scrummy looking Wild Rice which I shall cook up a storm with soon, and... Warmy Neckerson! A super soft n snuggley neckwarmer spun, designed and knit by nuttnbunny is now not only a lovely personified Sir Neckerson I can admire from afar - but now he can help to keep me snug and warm!

Warmy Neckerson

The yarn is SO soft and So luxurious - a cashmere silk blend if I remember rightly. Beautifully finished with the stunning button that has a wood-type grain but is glass smooth like frozen caramel. From the sounds of the weather back home I'll need this little puppy in 3 days!

Thank you ever so much nuttnbunny lovely :) I feel so lucky and very appreciative of Sir Neckerson and I promise I shall pass on the good will and kindness vibes at every opportunity!

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Melita said...

How lucky you are! enjoy all your goodies away up there!