Sunday, July 20, 2008

Walking Home

A few days ago we walked home from site to camp - a very good form of exercise because once the bus drops you off at the mine site security gate to walk the rest of the way- too bad! You're walking!! Not like at the gym where 1001 excuses arise to hop off the treadmill early ;)

The kilometres flew by with the fantastic scenery a constant distraction

walk home,

Some touristy sight seeing which was bizarre as we see these sights every day at work!! But never get quite this close up of course ;)

dump truck 2

I don't think I'll ever get negligent in admiration for the surroundings out here.



Michelle said...

OMG?? that truck is huge!!!is that what you're driving????

Ann said...

Beautiful scenery - looks so undisturbed & peaceful! Don't work too hard.