Saturday, September 20, 2008

Disappointment, pending excitement

There have been a couple of disappointing things happen lately - but the silver lining is that each precedes something exciting - so if nullified and hence ok :)

The first is that my camera broke! Oh noes!! It had an action packed life though, dear little thing, and it was really time for a new one anyway. I have in mind investing in a rather fancy SLR camera of sorts, but need to do my research and save up the pennies first. So in the meantime, even if the internets DID let me upload pictures, I won't have any to share for a while! But when I do, when camera clicks can again be heard around the household, hopefully the results will be of much better quality and more numerous, as I imagine I won't put the puppy down once I have it!

The second small disappointment relates to the photo below -one of the last I took before smash-time.
I ordered two shirts from Ravelry and was delighted when they arrived, until I tried them on - toooooo big! Luckily the Rav folks are super awesome and have an excellent returns policy - even for us overseas peeps! So I've re-parcelled them and sent them back and will re-order in a smaller size. The silver lining here is that I get to anticipate another exciting parcel in the mail!


inoriz said...

You can have a play with my Nikon D70 (DSLR) to have a feel of DSLRs. :)

I love it although it's very underused.

Ann said...

Lovely t-shirts & what a shame they are too big. Happy knitting.