Monday, September 15, 2008


Internet at my room has been playing up lately - well to be honest, not playing at all... and since the work server won't let me access I'm left with being able to only post with text at the moment! So instead, I've resurrected a post I starting writing out a while but but never got around to posting...

The sky can be a beautiful thing.

I've commented on the sky in general many times, and even ore so the sky up here in the Pilbara which just seems amazingly ginormous, clear and vivid. On our day off a little while back several of us headed out to the airport to see our mate Jen experience her first ever sky dive - VERY exciting! - where we saw a bit more of this entrancing blue.

Jenni Skydiving
There's our Jen, cruising gracefully through the air with her instructor, preparing the land.

Unfortunately we also experienced some of the less-than-beautiful elements of the sky, such as the GIANT FLAMING BALL OF INCANDESCENT ULTRA VIOLET RAYS!!!

mmmHHMM. Not a happy camper.

Jenni's jump was delayed by about 3 hours, most of which we sat out in the cool, yet bright sun. Eventually I started to feel the heat on my skin and moved away from the group to sit in the shade, the only spot of which was actually ON the airport asphalt near the hangar! Sadly, it was too little too late, and by the time we got picked up to go back to camp I was pretty sick through lack of food, water and sitting in the sun getting a bit of heat-stroke.. ah well.. you'd think I'd have learnt by now that the sun can be deceptive down here in Oz!

Knitting is progressing well, I'm almost finished the first sleeve of CobbleBoulder for scrumptious Skoot but have no more yarn up here and have to wait til I'm back home to keep going! Same story with the Topi I'm knitting up - only have the brim left to do but... no more yarn up here either!! nevermind, it's a good opportunity to crack out some of the hibernating knits like The Clap and Lace Ribbony :)

p.s. perhaps even THESE photos aren't working?!.. grrr to teh internets!

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Ann said...

That looks like a bad sun burnt - apply aloe vera on it - really helps. Can't wait to see pics of your projects! Take care & stay out of the sun.