Monday, October 13, 2008

Long forgotten secret!

I realised recently as I trolled through my collection of photos, that I had perhaps never really posted as much as I could about the completed Alpaca Silk Secret of oh-so-many months ago!! So here are two extra shots of the silky alpacary goodness :)

You'll remember, perhaps, that lovely Lushorama Lisa of the Kwinana Fibre Arts Group gifted to each of the K-Fag members a delicious skein of Blue Sky Alpaca, Alpaca Silk - yum! We were each to secertly knit a project out of only that one skein, and re-convene to show off our fabulous creations!

I had decided to knit up a little something I could have close to my skin, given the luscious nature of the skein in question!

So the feather and fan Luxe Neckwarmer it was!

Alpaca silk secret (1)

It's fabulously snug and warm without any inherent bulk and suffocation - gotta love alpaca...

Alpaca silk secret

I was worried at first that the feather and fan lace stitch pattern was lost amongst the deep colour and slight halo - but I'm chuffed with it :)

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Ann said...

Lovely pattern & gorgeous color. You will have to wait till next winter when you show off this beauty.