Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quote of the Day

Seeing as our laptop has caught some sort of computery STD and is SUPER slow and sluggish until we do an overhaul... I am once again stunted in the picture department! Which is such a shame seeing as the Topi I've been knitting on is so close to being finished - only the brim stiffener to add and ends to weave in. Plus I've just about finished the second sleeve of Cobbleboulder which is so so exciting!! I've got a new project on the needles as of this morning - two Christmas stockings I committed to knitting up for a friend from my old job - but more on that later.

For now I've decided to share some of my favourite quotes here and there in the absence of photos - so at least my little blog here doesn't get too neglected :)

So! The quote for today... from one of my favourite people - Dr Seuss. Fitting for the present as a friend of mine recently had to say goodbye to her canine companion, which always brings about some meditation on loss and departure.

Don't cry because it's over,
Smile because it happened.

Applicable to so many elements of life - and a perspective that is very hard to realise and hold on to at the time it is most relevant, but I find it a very poignant and powerful little saying - I hope you enjoy it too :)

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