Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Arthur Penbridge

A have a new friend and charming companion..

Someone I've been hoping to welcome in to our home for some time now..

We have had an "exchange student" if you will, a learned and worldly one, a wanderer staying with us til this point, but we decided it was time to returned her to The Guild (who have kindly allowed me to house the old girl for over a year at least!) and make the investment in my own..

So I present to you...

Arthur Penbridge
Arthur Penbridge

It is an utter joy to have my own spinning companion and I have a fabulously renewed passion for spinning!

It was almost like fate stepped in to have Arthur fall to my possession, as helpful lovely Guild people and June from Bilby Yarns popped out of nowhere and VIOLA! I was able to purchase Arthur, a gorgeous Ashford Travellor, stained a delicious dark antiquey colour.

Mr Penbridge has a sensationally smooth motion and is an absolute pleasure to spin on.

Arthur Penbridge (2)

Be prepared for much more spinning content on this blog in the future!! :)


Ann said...

That's something I have been wanting to do but can't find time. Happy spinning.

Michelle said...

oooh...a spinning wheel!!!! you must be having lots of fun :)

bink said...

OOh, how exciting! :) I'm surprised I didn't hear your squeals of excitement from here :D

Amanda said...

What a lovely wheel.