Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home away from home

On our last R&R we took some time out away from the big smoke and went for a bit of a cruise around the South West of Australia - one of my, and many other folks', favourite spots. Luckily having a FIFO roster allows us to spend a peaceful week on holidays in places that are normally over-run with tourists since we aren't restricted to visiting only during normal holiday times.

We have long wanted to set ourselves up with an expanse of land, critters, vegie patch and generally live the self-sustaining life as much as possible, away form the hustle bustle and hassle of city life. Now that we're on our road to that goal, saving every little penny away, we kept our eyes out for motivation while we were down south. And it wasn't hard to find!

Serene forests

Interaction with native fauna

Beautiful walks

Stunning beaches
clear beach

Docile, warm eyed fibre animals

While we were in that neck of the woods we were able to spend some time with my lovely Mum. It was such a pleasure to talk together, play games, relax, visit various spots driving through the beautiful farm surrounds down fabulous windy roads...
..surrounded by tall trees, or grasses dotted with various fuzzy critters from cows and goats to horses, sheep and alpaca.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend some quality time in Mum's company, particularly since we don't get to see each other as much as we would like - as much as if we were both in the same town and we weren't working FIFO!

But it's times away like this that give us the motivation and inspiration to keep working away in the short term, to be able to achieve our dreams in the long run :)

Stay tuned - more news from down south (including fibre finds!) and pictures coming soon - plus... spinning content *gasp* AND... knitting content! *double gasp*


bink said...

Beautiful photos :)

Amanda said...

Great part of the country. Wish I could visit it more often.

Ann said...

Good future plans. I will love to live in that part of the country too. I do plan to retire in Tasmania!

Michelle said...

hey sasha!!! how have you been? havent see you in ages. miss you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love the pics of the kangaroo and the fibre animals!! hehehe.

take care!!!