Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oh my goodness.

I have fallen.

I'm not normally a sock-nutt, but lately I've been getting a bit into the sock knitting idea - especially with kntiting the two Christmas stockings. Generally I feel like socks are a lot of stitches for not much show - I can't really wear the item as much or see it as well as knitting a jumper, cardigan, mitts etc.. But something lately has me wanting to knit them - possibly NaKniMo, where I've realised that although socks may have loads of stitches, they're all so teeny and knit up so fast! So I'm more and more enamoured with the idea of whipping up some (normal sized and non-holiday themed) socks quickitty-lickitty-split!

So when I saw Felicia Lo had a new post on her Sweet Georgia blog I headed over to check it out with my interest piqued by more than just her stunning colour sense.

Colossal mistake.

As soon as I saw this little beauty


I fell and fell hard.

The colours are SO vivid and pop spectacularly together - imagine them knit up and cosying someone's toes!!

I tried to justify ordering it and welcoming it into my home, but with the exchange rates and such, even with Canadian dollars, and international shipping I simply can't justify spending $40-$50 on just one skein of yarn - no matter how exquisite it might be.

So please - PLEASE! - someone dash over to Sweet Georgia's fantastic online store of wonders, and snaffle it up! That way when go to keep oogling it and pining after the skein, the little box will read '0 in stock" and I will pine no longer! But if it's available, just waiting for me to cave.. well, that is NOT a good thing!

p.s. I take no responsibility for any money dropped or similar pining that may occur when encountering Sweet Georgia's fantastic online store of wonders...


Amanda said...

Oh you are very cruel. I love knitting socks and have to confine myself to yarn I can afford. Now I have to go and drool over the unattainable.

Ann said...

Sock knitting is quite addictive & I just love it. It's a quick project which can be carried around. Happy sock knitting.