Sunday, November 23, 2008


As most of you may know, November has become the month for nations to unite in the doing of.. well, a few things now.. all of them creative and within the 30 day span of November!

Starting with the original 'NaMo' it was the National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo - in which participants commit to writing a 30, 000 word novel within November.

And seeing as knitters will jump with great fervour and glee upon any opportunity to indulge in our craft in groups and with challenges, from this was born the National Knitting of Sweaters Month - NaKniSweMo - to knit a 30,000 stitch jumper.

I had a crack at NaKniSweMo last year (Or NaKniJuMo to aussies ;P) but must admit I didn't throw myself into it with as much gusto, determination and enthusiasm as I perhaps could have.. and I did not in fact finish the jumper I was knitting at the time (Central Park Hoodie) within the month of November..

This year I have stumbled across another NaMo that has really taken my fancy and I have immersed myself in it thoroughly and with much enjoyment! Deciding that knitting an actualy jumper from start to finish within November wasn't an option at the moment given the amount of WIPs I've got going on, and the need to finish them by various time constraints NaKniMo turned out to be the perfect tonic!

NaKniMo is simply knitting 30,000 stitches of any size, gauge, yarn and project within November - perfect!

The Ravelry group is fantastically supportive and we all chock up our tally of stitches for each day and the overall totals. Some keen beans have well over the 30,000 already and they're still smokin!

So far I've cracked the 12,000 mark but have some full days of clickitty sticks ahead of me if I want to bust the 30k goal within the next week!

For those of you involved in any kind of NaMo this month - I'm sending out my encouragements and congratulations to you! Those who haven't participated this year, I highly recommend getting stuck in next time around - it can be a VERY motivating experience!

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Amanda said...

What a shame I didn't know about this earlier. It would have helped me get through my Anniversary Mystery Shawl - over 500 sts per row and I've done about 20 rows so far this month....