Saturday, November 22, 2008


I am feeling so incredibly drawn to knitting Gigi right now..

In fact.. I'm having a bit of a yearny sort of knitting experience at the moment - you know what I mean, you've all experienced it I'm sure,

Yearning to knit a particular pattern as soon as you see it.

Or yearning to use a certain yarn.

Feelings SO strong urging you to drop the needles and yarn currently in yours hands without a second look and walk hypnotically like a brain-scent bemused zombie towards that next lustful knit.

And yet... I'm retraining myself.

No brains for me.

Even though I have the yarn- three fabulously squishalicious skeins of Dream In Colour Smooshy in Happy Forest colourway *momentary zombie black out* I'm still not folding to the desire.

I have Skoot's jumper, Cobble boulder, to finish - the second of the two Christmas stockings (which I still need to tell the tale of too), some Chrissie knits and other assorted sundry items too.

I really hope that when those are off the needles I still feel the passion for Gigi - it happens to often that I feel the urge, the passion, the LUST.. but then it has waned by the time some free needls and lack of obligation to other knits swings around..

Ah well! We shall see! In the meantime I can keep the passion alive by swooning over FOs of Gigi on ravelry ;)

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Amanda said...

Oh I know that feeling all to well. But sometimes it is simply necessary to give in to the feeling.