Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mixed Berries from the South West

When Skoot, Arthur and I took our trip into the luscious South West I also took with me a few little parcels of fibre for Arthur and I to play with. The one I ended up choosing to spin was a long stashed 100g Coopworth bundle, dyed by Amy of Spunky Eclectic and saved since my much beloved days of being in her Fibre of the Month club - such fun!!

Fibre 1

The reason I chose this one was for the colours - deep earthy tones of purple, brown, eggplant and rich pinks. It made me think of the South West and of my Mum - these being some of her favourite colours but also berriliciously in tune with the surrounds of the South West too!


I am so enjoying spinning on Arthur - to finally have my very own wheel and such a LOVELY wheel at that! I feel very priveleged and grateful :)

Handspun South West Berry

Spinning on Arthur seems so nice and smooth and easy - I can hardly wait to get back home on R&R to spin some more! I'd like to start being more active in spinning - learning new techniques, watching online videos of tips and tricks and starting to spin some more consistent yarn.

I have a plan of what to knitup with this yarn and in fact have already started! But I can't spill the beans on here I'm afraid lest the recipient find out! ;)

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Ann said...

Love the colors & you did a great spinning job! I will love to spin but there's too much on my plate now.