Friday, December 19, 2008

Batty for Cuteness

I'm a sucker for cute. Now nature is an incredible thing and often I'm floored by the beauty inherent in so many natural creations. But beauty can often take a more minimised and sometimes dismissed form... of cuteness. Now cuteness is by no means lesser to big brother Beauty, the adorable has a certain claim to our heart strings that beauty can sometimes not equal.

Take for today's example, this little dude:

Wee orphaned bats - (photos care of - all rugged up.
Note the gorgeous fuzz, and melting gooey brown eyes, the little shnoz and leathery elbows!


I particularly like the surprising appearance of the large claw from bat 2nd on the right! hehee!


bink said...

Dude, you forgot the tiny perky ears!! Tiny perky dog-like ears!!!!


Amanda said...

That is super cute. Adorable.