Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fair Isle Socks

Fair isle socks don't really pose much of a threat do they, really, generally?

Apart from perhaps some sore fingers from a too-dense-gauge, or maybe a terrible tangling of yarn - but you never really fear fair isle socks, do you? Apart from a new knitter feeling daunted by the technique I suppose...

Welll THIS is a 'Fair Isle Socks' to be feared!
fairisle soldier

SO hilarious! I ran to get my camera as soon as I saw it come up on the screen. Skoot was playing a military playstation 3 game online - this person had made their character up under the name fairisle_socks!!

It was particularly amusing since the game is so tough and most players set their character up to be as hard-arse as possible, and yet this fellow went with Fair isle Socks! They MUST be a knitter! Or at least live with one...

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