Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First up - nevermind about commenting on the prvious post anymore as I have made the purchase! Woot Woot! More details on the new sewing machine to follow, but for now, I have yesterday's tease to make good on!

The pattern I ended up deciding would work wel with the mixed berry handspun yarn was Classic Elite's Sundance feather and fan Bag Bag  care of their free email newsletter with patterns. 

Mum's Handspun bagbag (3)

I'm very happy with how it turned out :) And thankfully, so is Mum!  

Mum's Handspun bagbag (1)

i was a little worried to begin with that the yarn was too rustic - it have a slight fuzz to it from being frogged out of the initial sock knit. But as I progressed it turned out to be fine, phew! 

Mum's Handspun bagbag

The colours are great! - courtesy of Amy  King's Spunky Eclectic style, as this fibre was from a long ago  fibre-of-the-month-club delivery. 

Mum's Handspun bagbag (2)

I'm feeling very enthused to knit more with handspun in 2009 and beyond - it's always such a satisfying feeilng to have been involved in so much of the process. Once I've spun  up all my lovely stashed pre-coloured fibre I want to get into dyeing up my own a bit more too.. oooh the possibilities!

This will be my last post for 2008 - Scrumptious and I are just having a quiet one together on the couch to see in 2009, and there's some tasty illusions and a fdun new ps3 game awaiting me - I must fly!! So wishing you all a most excellent, safe and celebratory evening and a lovely first morning of 2009! :)


emileeknits said...

That's so pretty! I love feather-and-fan with rustic yarn.

Amanda said...

Great bag - it worked really well with that yarn. Happy New Year!