Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vanilla bean icecream with mixed berries

Sometimes it's the simple things that are most pleasurable. Paper still warm from the photocopier... Your first cuppa in the morning... Spending quiet time with your sweetie... I find the same goes for food. This is why classic recipes are handed down from generations, and the same simple taste combinations enjoyed despite the myriad of complex gourmet options out there now. While we were still up North a month or so ago I was indulging in some nice creamy vanilla bean icecream (stockinette socks in the round) teamed with the sharp tangy zest of mixed berries (handspun south west berries yarn) over the top - delicious!!
Vanilla Berry Socks Nov 08
In fact, I made it all the way to the first heel, and partway through the heel before I fully faced up to the reality that the handspun I'd made with Arthur - first yarn spun on Arthur in fact - while at Mum's house, that would be so perfect to knit into socks for Mum for Christmas.... well... there simply wasn't enough. 
So yes, unravel I did.. 
But I was determined that this yarn, spun at Mum's and in colours so suited to Mum - rich purples with earthy browns, be knit into a creation for Mum. So I hunted about and found a pattern that worked very nicely indeed :) The creation has been completed, the completed knit gifted and received with much delight (hurrah!!) so I shall share with you tomorrow pictures of the final product - I'm very happy with it! 

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Amanda said...

Tease! The yarn does ook yummy though.