Tuesday, January 06, 2009

5 Things

I can't even remember where I found this meme - to be honest it's been sitting amongst my draft posts for sometime now, so I thought I'd better finish it up and post it at last!

5 things in my bag
  • Two smaller bags with current knitting projects nestled inside
  • Safety B. Bear, a well worn little chap who travels everywhere with me, from Mum
  • Small plastic packet of hair pins
  • Lovely green retro style wallet
  • My favourite hat! Purpley grey background with floral design, little brim, super cute.
5 favourite things in my room (house)
  • Arthur - spinning wheel
  • Edith - sewing machine
  • Framed photos of all my loved ones and nearest/dearest
  • Beautiful antique oak cupboard in my studio - passed down through the family
  • Our gorgeous scarlet modular couch
5 things I have always wanted to do
  • Travel extensively and wildly
  • See auroras in person
  • Adventure across Alaska (or part of it) on a dog sled
  • Do up an old classic car
  • Home school our (future) children
5 things I'm currently into
  • All manner of fibre crafts (of course!) - knitting, spinning etc.
  • Newly into... SEWING! Must introduce the new machine too in the next blog post..
  • Playstation 3 - how bizarre, I've become a complete console game nut!
  • Gin & Tonic - the perfect deliciously refreshing summer evening drink
  • Pixel puzzles - very different, very logical, very ADDICTIVE!
5 (4) people I'm tagging....
Cindy 2paw! Ms Inoriz! Michelle (knitty bitty)! Ann of 1MoreRow!

[Don't feel obliged to take on the 5 Thing baton, of course, but it is very fun ;D]

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