Friday, January 09, 2009

Busy Birfday Girl

Well my goodness me!

My birthday has swung around again - and this year it has been action packed! I have loads of photos of our adventures over the last week or so, as we've had our Scamp staying with us so we've had MANY an adventure!

Bob Tail
Adventures such as meeting Mr Bob Tail Lizard here!

I spent this morning quite leisurely and we saw the ever-so-cute if somewhat reinforcing-of-archaic-damaging-gender-stereotypes Tale of Despereaux which I (stereotype reinforcement aside) thoroughly enjoyed. But this afternoon has been a mad scramble to get all of our bits and pieces - plus all of Scamps things - all packed and ready for our return back up North to work, and Scamp's return to his mum's! I've been washing, cleaning, organising, wrapping, packing, sorting, cooking.. I'm sure you can imagine! It wouldn't have been quite so hectic, but for Scrumptious Shweetie's knee being bung at the moment - so he's couch-ridden! Poor thing, it sounds dreamy, being stuck on the couch - for we knitters it would be a paradise of forced idle time to lap up the knitting opportunities! But for an active chap who love getting things done around the house - it's been horror! Nevermind, maybe I should get him knitting..?

Not much knitting progress to report - I've done a little on CobbleBoulder and Bro's suave scarf, but apart from that I've been, you guessed it, too busy!

--p.s.-- I was in fact SO busy on the 9th that although I've posted this under the 9th Jan, I only actually got around to hitting the 'publish post' button on the 10th! Sorry for the delay!


Lushorama said...

HAP-HAP-HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Long time no-see, I hope all's well!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! Love Mr Bob.

Michelle said...

happy belated birthday sasha!!!!!!!!

Helen said...

happy belated birthday sasha, we share the same birthday on the 9th!!