Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comical Creatures of the Night

Working away we have one day off every fortnight - the RDO - and it is a much celebrated event, usually involving copious and excessive alcohol consumption by 85% of the camp. This RDO Friday night we're celebrating a bevvy of January birthdays including mine from the 9th!

To make it particularly special we've set a Creatures of the Night dress up theme - for anything that comes out at night!

Here are some of the plans we've made up for costumes, in whiteboard drawn comic form...

My outfit (which I made up on my lovely new sewing machine over the holidays) is a Night Faery:
Big black wings - my skirt of sparkly green, black and silver satins - black top with the coloured satins sewn around the neckline

My fabulous mate Jo is similarly attired, as a Dark angel...
cartoons (2)
Big black wings - black singlet (it's super hot up here, remember?) - tiny black tutu with red trim - black knee legth tights for modesty (not drawn)

And Jen decided to go for something a little different - a pirate wench!
cartoons (1)
Red skull bandana - roughed up jeans with oversized belt buckle - big gold hoop earrings - sword!

I'm very excited :) Only two more sleeps til we get to play dress ups! it really is fun being a child inside - I highly recommend it *grin*

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