Sunday, January 11, 2009

Free Berroco makes my day :)

So I'm subscribed to the Berocco emailed newsletter and yesterday somehow wandered from there on to their free patterns listing - Ah! Right! It was their sparkley sock yarn that made me do it - bloody tempting stuff, luring me away from my single-minded blogging...

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed trolling through their stacks of online free patterns and found a few that I'd like to knit up at some point too, which is always a bonus ;)

Such as, this funky skirt - Kiltie

And a super cute doggalog coat - Buster

Thank you Berroco! :)

I know Drops has some excellent online free patterns too - I must take a wander over there too sometime when I have another inordinate amount of time free for browsing!

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Michelle said...

that's a pretty pattern for a skirt :)