Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holiday Adventures!

This is probably the quickest way to catch up on all the adventures we've gotten up to over our holidays from work - if I leave it too long while I compose a written commentary to accompany the shots, I tend to miss out on posting altogether!

Jo's Farm! 2009 Jan (48)
Target shooting on a trip to the farm (I only shoot holes in paper and take down evil tin cans, plus plaing on our super fun plink-o-matic - no animals are harmed in my shooting adventures!)

Watching the giant headers zoom along the paddocks - amazing the hundred of thousands of hectares taken up by wheat and other cropping in Western Australia - do THAT many people eat grains?!

The welding lads
Scrumptious Skoot helped out our mates on the farm by fixing a part for them while we were there - Scamp got into the action with his own welding helmet too ;)

Echidna crossing!!
On the drive home I just had to stop the car to get a snapshot of this one.. an echidna crossing - don't see many of those around!

Hmm.. upholding the aussie stereotype there a bit... Ute - Swag - Wide Blue Sky - Parched Farm Land - Trail Bike... Nevermind, it's killer fun ;)

Wave rock
Wave rock!

Stay tuned for instalment II of the Holiday Adventures! ( I know I said that about the WIPs montage for 2008 and never followed through... sorry about that.. )

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Michelle said...

ooh...such adventurous holidays!! and shooting!! seems like you had lots of fun!! and wave rock!! i went there on the first year i arrived in Perth :)