Monday, January 26, 2009


We had big thick rain drops yesterday - they built to torrential rain that whipped through the camp and kept everyone under cover or dashing madly from one patio to another. Patios that barely kept the wind and rain off those huddled beneath them. It was almost like a ghost town - everyone huddle up inside out of the storm. Plastic outdoor chairs were thrown across the ground and washing torn from the line to lie sodden and cold wherever it landed.

All night the rain and storm continued, the wind whistling and whining as it raced past structures and bent the trees way over. I had a very sound and dreamless sleep, but have woken today absolutely drained of all energy. Normally the rain and storms energise people, especially me. The increased negative ions in the air smell great with the rain and storm and get the mind all alert and functioning. But today I can barely hold myself upright and keep my eyes open. Felt similar last night actually and didn't even knit a stitch. Might have something to do with the walk I took out in the rain before it really got heavy, and then the running about through camp inbetween gusts. Either way - I'm counting down til hometime when I can crawl under the covers and pass out for a while.

It's such a shame to miss the rain up here though - it's almost a magical experience. The ground is so parched and dry then all of a sudden the skies, thick with dense cloud, unleash a relentless pounding of water that fills the gutters and creates ginormous lakes of water. Last night the frogs were so loud they almost sounded like cattle. Amazing that plants and animals can live out here - with extreme heat and lack of moisture for so long, then sudden gluttonous flooding

p.s Have lost my camera, so no photos for a little bit - I'm hoping it will be handed in to the office and all will be well :)

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