Friday, January 30, 2009

Block of Icing

Hurrah for finished knits! And hurrah for self indulgent finished knits of lovely yarn in lovely colours for... myself! 

Icing block

We all know how rare it is for most knitters to knit for themselves - and such is the case with my knits, so I'm thrilled to have finished one lately that is destined to keep my very own head nice and snug in the cooler months :) 

I adore Ysolda Teague's work, and this design, the Icing Swirl Hat is one of the patterns in her Whimsical Little Knits collection, which I've pre-ordered am am thoroghly enjoying each little pattern as they arrive, like delicious sweet treats discovered in a treasure hunt! It is blocking here in the suggested method of using a balloon. First up I blew a balloon up nice and large, then realised I had NO chance of getting the beret over it! Take two, I blew the balloon up inside the beret - perfect!

Icing block

I'm very much looking forward to when this lovely wool, silk and cashmere creations has dried and I can try it on!

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