Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Call for donations

You may have heard about it in your news, and if you're an Aussie or have friends here you may already have been affected by it; the appalling fires that have devastated Victoria on the east coast.


The tragic wake of victims and damage to towns has shocked us all and left many without homes, belongings and, most tragically, loved ones. The toll is currently 181 and rising. It is fast becoming one of the worst fires in history with more than 400,000 hectres razed and over 1033 properties destroyed - and the fires are still raging on.

fire kinglake
Entire towns have beeen destroyed - here pictured, Kingslake

I know my latest posts have been a little doom-and-gloomy with tragedy seeming to overshadow knitting and craft, but this is an opportunity to get the word out and rouse some support, and if I can't use my blog for that, what is it really good for?

The Australian Red Cross is seeking donations to help those left without shelter, clothes, food and in desperate need of medical care. Please follow the link to their appeal page to read about how you can help - even $5 - that cup of coffee and muffin you were thinking of having - all adds up to support these people, someone's Mum, son, neighbour etc.. Please dig deep and put forward what you can.

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bink said...

If I can throw in another plug - Wildlife Victoria and RSPCA Victoria are accepting donations to help look after all the huge number of wild animals and beloved pets affected by this tragedy.