Monday, February 09, 2009

Knitting is complete!

Knitting of the Forest Canopy shawl is officially complete!

I still need to block it out and I'm very curious to see the finished size. I needed to whip it out rather promptly since I have other knitting I need need need ot get on with (more on that later!), but also didn't want to produce a shawl that was unsuably small. I know it will definitely be long enough to wrap around the neck and tie - sort of like a scarf - but I'll be very pleased if it's more shawly than scarfy.

We shall soon see!

I didn't go walking this morning so I'll get a lift to the shops from work and walk back to camp from there. It's much more pleasant walking in the mornings since the flies aren'tusually awake by then and the sun isn't up. Despite walking in the dark it's still pretty warm, but no where near as revoltingly suffocating as it is around knock off time. I was up late-ish last night finishing off the shawl though, so turned off the alarm and slept in til 5am instead of getting up at 4:15 to go walking, so I really should do some exercise this arvo. And walking home from the shops, sewing pins for blocking tucked away in my backpack, is the perfect thing!

Then I can soak the shawl, have dinner and when I'm bck it will be ready to block on one of the beds!

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