Tuesday, February 03, 2009

First Sewn Project!

Not my first ever sewn project of course, as there were several rather physics-defying creations produced during high school - oooh and of course my Creatures of the Night faery costume too (as yet to featuer in photos) so really.. my second sewn project since I made the faery outfit on my new machine too.

In any case and moving right along before we get too bogged down in the details...

This project was borne of necessity. Sir Scrumptious Shweetie has had a lot of trouble with his knee lately and has been doing a bit of hot-cold therapy which has been helping a bit. Only short-fall was our lack of heat/cold packs.

Et voila! A sewing opportunity if ever I saw one!

I had picked up some rather delicious and irresistable fabrics the day before and was in a mad fit to not only use them, but also prove that it was indeed highly necessary for me to purchase the amount that I did because look just LOOK at all this sewing I'm doing! ;)

We took the measurements for the most suitable size wheat bag and I found the fabrics I wanted to use form the lovely neat stack of glorious folded materials... et voici!

Wheat bag

A wheat bag!
A custom fit wheatbag!

The 100% cotton fabric was a little thin to use on its own, so I made an inner lining of the maroon fabric to add some extra structure to the bag before we filled it. I'm very pleased with how it's turned out - so is Sir Scrumptious, and his knee :)

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