Monday, February 02, 2009

Introducing Edwin... or Edward...

I thought it was high time to introduce my charming new friend to you.. although there's the small trouble of not knowing his name... He's either an Edward or an Edwin - but I'm not quite sure yet! In anycase, here he is in all his shiny fabulous glory!
sewing brother! (3)
(Brother NS-50)
This R&R I've actually had a chance to get to know him, as I didn't have the time to get stuck in before heading back to work after bringing him home after Christmas. All the buttons and features are ultra user friendly and very fun - but I haven't even touched the surface of the possibilities yet. Just look at all those stitches!
sewing brother! (5)
I ended up going to a local sewing store for advice on which machine would be best for me, and that was totally the best way to go. The friendly man who owns the store spent over 45 minutes showing me the different machines and their various features, and when we narrowed it down to this one we sat and sewed for a good while too! Free lessons come with the machine so I'm looking forward to making the most of them to learn some sewing tips and ricks and get more familiar with Edwin.. or is it Edward..

I also have a most lovely pair of Friskars fabric shears! A birthday gift from my suave brother and his equally chic and stylish partner :) I plan to felt a little cosy actually to keep them safe and snug.. the scissors that is..
Shiny scissors
(A very bad photo, but without the LCD screen I can't figure out how to turn off the flash on the broken camera!)

Or is it Erwin.. ?! *exasperated sigh*


2paw said...

Ed (win/ward) is fabulous!!! The lessons sound a very good idea. LOve the wheat bag too!!

Michelle said...

Sasha!! You bought a sewing machine!!! I'm jealous!! I've always wanted one so that I can learn to sew. May I ask how much did you pay for this? You can reply me via an email k? Looking forward to hear from you soon.

BTW, I'd prefer Edward :P