Thursday, March 26, 2009

52 book Challenge; Mid-March Update!

My book list is slowly catching up to where it 'ought' to be at this point in the year.

11 weeks in and I have 7 completed books on my list, most recent the following titles;

The British parliament's Riot Act
Eleanor Howell-Abbott's Peace on Earth and Good Will to Dogs
Jane Andrews' Tales Mother Nature Told her Children

As you know I'm reading In Tasmania from an actual book - enjoying snuggling in bed with it, taking the volumne down with me to the mess when I have dinner, reading as I walk around camp etc.. but I don't have much other time in the day (read, I don't MAKE much time in the day) for designated actual reading moments.

My dance card is so full with the many things I discipline myself to do each day, but this is ok as it's also balanced with those things I choose to do for pleasure also, so if I don't have much time for reading, that's ok, I'll mosey through the book at my own pace.

This is why audio books get so much more plat time with me. I can listen while knitting, on the bus to and from work, while I'm at my desk performing the more mundane tasks each day and so on. So the three listed titles were in audio book format, courtesy of the ever-fabulous librivox.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jane Andrews' Tales Mother Nature Told her Children - such imagination, such beautiful descriptive phrases and imagery! I highly recommend reading these stories to any children you might have anywhere in your general vicinity - just the thing to stir the imagination and encourage amazement in nature :)

If I can finish 4 more titles before the end of the month I'll have caught up to an average of one book per week, right on schedule to read 52 in the year, if I can maintain that!

So we'll see how I go! I'm compiling a list of books I've always wanted to read in the hopes of devouring a few of those in my reading adventures too!

And I'm always interested in adding more titles to the list...
What are your favourite books?


bink said...

You probably know all my favourites already, but I just read a book which was AWESOME!!

"Dog on it" by Spencer Quinn.

It's about a PE andh is dog solving a big case.. but the book is written from the dog's POV!!! He has captured dogginess FANTASTICALLY - it's awesome, and OH and I have both completely fallen in love with Chet, the dog.

I can lend it to you as soon as OH finished it, which should be pre-wedding :)

(I have to stick a quick plug in for North & South and the Hornblower novels for your readers who don't know what my favourites are! And the Patrick O'Brien 'Master & Commander' novels)

bink said...

Oops, I mean PI :)

Anonymous said...

neverwhere - neil gaiman
anything by douglas coupland, but especially Girlfriend in a Coma, Hey Nostradamus! and Elenor Rigby