Monday, March 23, 2009

Having now knit about 40%, the Liesel lace wedding stole is coming along very nicely indeed, thank you! The repetition of the lace, quite a short amount of rows to repeat over and over and over again I'm very familiar with the stitches and, though I can't knit it by memory yet, once I've glanced at the print out to remind me which row I'm up to I can knit merrily away. It's a very smooth and relaxing process and I'm very much enjoying it :) Wedding lace tangle! There have been occasions of annoyance of course, as is pretty much unavoidable with lace knitting I think. Double-stranding from outside and centrepull of the same yarn cake proved to be too tangle-tastic - fault of the centrepull with this fine yarn I think. So I've switched to knitting from the outside of two cakes. Luckily I wound the original cone off into two cakes initially, so that came in handy!
Weddign lace
I very much like the fabric of this knit already, in all its wavy undulated unblocked glory.
The yarn really is delightful - soft and light with a slight fuzz of merino and the gloss of shimmery silk - gorgeous!

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Ann said...

It's coming along very nicely. Like the look of your new header - lovely flower!