Sunday, March 22, 2009

Trippin to Tassie

Our lightning trip to Tassie a couple of weeks ago was a great success! Apart from the cold I caught somewhere between the multitude of planes that is..

Neither Sir Shweetie nor I had been to the Apple Isle before so we were pretty amped to get on over there and check it out :)
From my experience to date Tasmanians are pretty awesome folks ;)

We were amshed into hideous seats on all journeys - how do super tall people handle economy flights?! - which made sleeping an impossibility so we pretty much ran on excitement and clean air for our one-day-trip.
We'd scooted over to check out a property we're interested in and were NOT disappointed, just look at the beautiful country side to be seen!!

Lovely Tassie view

We stayed one night but were up super early to get cracking on another flight, one to head home just in time to hang arounda t the airport and fly straight back up to work - Yeeesh!!
Sadly I oculdn't even knit to keep myself entertained on the flights...

Hazardous knitting

As you can see, Australian flight security is still extremely tight and heinously prejudiced against needle crafts. If a person can bring a ball-point pen on board why on EARTH shouldn't I be allowed my knitting needles?! I know I could harm someone JUST as easily with a pen as I could with a knitting needle..

In anycase, I had a new book purchase as my companion, bought at the airport moments before boarding - a little reminder of the juiciness and fabulousness of Tasmania :)

Good read

As you can see, seriously warm gear was required, and it's not even winter! I think the quick change from the heat of the Pilbara to the cool of Tassie Autumn had me running for my warmest item of clothing- my Hoodie!
Lovely to have a chance to wear it and enjoy the snuggly warmth of pure wool

Flight map!

So we soared back over across the bight having seen our continent's island state, and been very pleased with it indeed :)


2paw said...

Where did you find the oasis of coolness?? It is 28* and too hot to sleep.
Glad you had a good visit, despite the silly knitting needles rule. You could actually stab someone with the plastic cutlery!!

Ann said...

That was a quick trip. I love Tasmania too & will really like to live there. It's a pity that knitting is not allowed - sock knitting with bamboos?