Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mysterious Knit Revealed!

Jolene and little Joshua have now received their mysterious knit in the mail, so it no longer needs to remain mysterious!

This little beanie was knit following the Perfect Fit baby hat but I made several changes. I cast on with needles much larger than I actually needed and reduced down, knit a few rows, then reduced needle size AGAIN so the edge is slightly flared.
bubby beanie (1)
With eyelets on the brain I added an eyelet round, knit a bit more stockinette then added another eyelet round straight before the decreases. Sitting on its own it looks a little bit like a circus tent, the eyelet ridge gives an angle to the top section. But on a littler person wee noggin I imagine it will round out :)
bubby beanie (3)
The rim is rolled so that the beanie will fit Josh's little head now but also be able to unroll and fit him for a longer time I hope. I knit the little head warmer in malabrigo cotton so it won't be too warm for our climate - it was such a pleasure to work with - yum yum!
bubby beanie
I hope he likes his little cotton beanie - Jojo you must send photos!!

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