Saturday, May 02, 2009

Simple Shawlette - Blocked!

My simple shawlette (fashioned after Mary Heather's Simple Things) is finally cast off...
Simple Shawlette (12)
And now has even been blocked too!
Simple Shawlette (8)
I initially didn't want the edges scalloped, I had in mind a straight edge. But found I couldn't open up the eyelets without putting a little pressure there, so pointiness it is! And now I find I like them very much :)
Simple Shawlette (4)
I love blocking out shawls and am always surprised by the outcome...
Simple Shawlette (6)
With this little number I didn't expect much movement at all and was in fact a little concerned it wouldn't be very wearable - too short to tie around my neck.

However, as you can see it has stretched out and blocked very nicely indeed!!
Simple Shawlette (6)
I love the eyelet ridges and think I will use them in more projects in the future. Such a simple addition but I love the effect :)

Actions shots to follow of wearing the shawlette - I think it's a little item that will get a lot of use now the weather is cooling down!!

oh! P.S I am in LUFF with KOIGU! Can hardly wait to use it again - must hunt some out somewhere and hoard it like some sort of yarn obsessed squirrelly beaver!

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Ann said...

The shawlette is gorgeous. You are right about the eyelet effect - it's great!