Saturday, April 11, 2009

Paired Leaves Wedding Stole!

A little while before Bink's wedding date I offered to knit her a lace wedding shawl to commemorate the event - she agreed! We spent some time discussing style, colour and fibre as well as drape and weight of the finished item.
Having decided on all of the above I wasted no time in ordering the yarn and getting stuck in, knitting away in a frenzy at every opportunity!

I remained mainly monogamous to the project, just as well as I finished and blocked it the day before the wedding!
Wedding stole - blocking (8)
I'm very happy with how it turned out and feel a warm glow of satisfaction and delight that a significant hand knit now resides with one of my dearest friends and will hopefully remind her of the special day whenever she wears it :)

Pattern: Liesel by Mary Joy Gumayagay. 5 stitch garter on each edge, 4 pattern repeats wide, 30 pattern repeats long.
Needles: 6mm - Metal Options
Pre-block measurements: I don't know! Forgot to measure or take shots!
Post-block measurements: 45cm tall, 160+cm long

Bink's Wedding Shawl

I must take some better final shots of the stole it was all a bit rushed on the day as you can imagine! - but I quite like this one of Binkette in her wedding finery as we packed up at the end of the evening, lighting and blurriness adding to the feel of the image :)


Andrea said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Ann said...

You have done a fantastic job & it looks gorgeous!