Saturday, April 11, 2009

Technophile Toy!

I think we must have been in need of a technophile fix, because this R&R we invested in a new toy, a telecommunications toy!

This flash little piece of gear, the HTC HD, is now safely nestled away in its little cover in my bag - I'm terrified of damaging it!

new toy

We have a PDA that we use as a GPS gadget while we travel about, but it has limited storage space and is getting a little out-dated, so it was time to look at other options.

This one has the added bonus of a delicious touch screen and all sorts of bells and whistles - we're still figuring out how to use it in fact! Internet access capabilities and al lthat jazz, so I will never have to be without a Ravelry update or hit of knitterly nettism!

No excuses for not having my finger on the pulse of the knitting webiverse now!

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Sam said...


I recently got a google phone, which is another HTC phone. It's 5/5ths nifty.