Friday, May 22, 2009

~ exhaustion ~

It's one of those times the level of exhaustion renders one unable to communicate coherently or with any volume what-so-ever, and in the blogging world that equates to having no energy to log on, write a lovely post, upload pictures etc etc..

It might have been something I could manage - perhaps a short post with a nice shot, a mini update - but we've staggered back to work after a WRETCHED 7 day R&R all of which (yes, all, right up to the last hour before taxi to the airport) was consumed by moving house - hideous.. and now back at work being smashed with urgent tasks and a new boss and all sorts of such drama!

So.. no pretty picture and no lovely post just yet - but soon I hope :) One of my friends up here who brought wool and needles back with her from R&R so I can teach her to knit! So soon I will have stories to tell of those knitting adventures, fantastic!

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2paw said...

I know I joke about how people need another holiday when they go back to work to recover from their holiday, but this is just ridiculous!!!