Saturday, May 23, 2009

Packed Stash - and more!!

My goodness! You don't really realise how much STUFF you have until you need to pack it all up and carry it outside, lift it on to the ute, shift it somewhere, lift it down off the ute and put it in the new place! Ack! And let alone UNpacking too!

This is a shot of our very last load of gear on day 6 of 7 - phewww... as you can see it was already past sunset and we were ready for bed... But not only was the ute tray and ROOF of the car loaded up - there's a trailer outside the shot to unload there too! Gah!
So Much Stuff
We had a huge cull of all our possessions, only keeping what we really felt we needed or were sentimental about - and yet there was still SO much to move! It's a real wake up call to how material we are as a society, and how much of a bowerbird-nest-feathering-pack-rat-hoarder I am!!

While we were packing up our gear over the break I came across my lovely green suitcase, and after emptying out the books (cull), assorted clothes (cull) and such I've stored in there, forgotten, for over a year, I decided it would be the perfect transport for my stash!

How deluded was I...

Packed Stash (2)

I had quite a struggle to zip this puppy up and it's a BIG suitcase!

Packed Stash (3)

So I've decided... If I can't fit it in the suitcase - I can't have it.
That is my new stash limiter and I think it'll work pretty fantastically - I mean.. there's always space-saver vaccuum bags.. ;D


2paw said...

You weren't joking about having a lot of things were you? Oh I can see lots of green in your stash. It sounds a nice rule but I could never keep it!!

Ann said...

Looks like a big move. You can't restrict yourself to just 1 suitcase of stash - you deserve more.