Friday, May 08, 2009

Little Socks Largely Loved!

Remember these little socks?

Bosko's Socks Dec 08

Gifted to the lovely little boy, my long time childhood friend's first bubba, I have never seen them actually worn as he and his folks now live in another state, and we don't get to catch up very often. I heard they were well received though :)

They recently visited but I've been away in mid work-roster so wasn't able to come back to town to catch up. My other long time childhood friend Bink managed to catch up (the three of us were like the Three Musketeers, spent almost ALL our time together!) so I asked her for an update, this is what she said...

"He is absolutely adorable... he had the most ADORABLE cheeky monkey grin I've ever seen.
His favourite games seem to be throwing his lego around, and getting mum to put his socks on (the ones you made!! he LOVES them!!!) so that he can pull them off.. and then he hands them straight to mum to put them on again.. it goes for hours"

EEEE!!! He loves the socks I knit for him!

Bosko's Socks Dec 08 (5)

It's a magical wonderous thing when a fully grown person loves your handknits and completely appreciates them, but when a wee little person who doesn't even know that you created these things with one long piece of string and 5 little sticks over countless hours, if they still love and adore them, well that's just awesome isn't it!! :D

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