Saturday, May 09, 2009

Open letter to the Universe

Craft Fair Logo

Dear Universe,

RE: Craft Fair attendance

With all due and considerable respect Universe, why, Universe, oh WHY?!

I know the you are wonderful, perfectly balanced and true.

But WHY must the Craft & Quilt Fair come to WA when I'm moving house and will be far too crazy-go-nuts busy to attend!?


I don't mean to sound ungrateful, impetuous or like the troublemaker that I am.. but really, it's the cruellest joke in the world. In the entire world. And yes I'm aware of how melodramatic that statement sounds.

I pine for events like this. I YEARN for something like Maryland Sheep & Wool, or Stitches. And this, our closest comparison, comes to town and I can't make it!!

Perhaps you haven't considered the frustration of such timing as this?

If I wasn't on R&R and wouldn't be in Perth that's one thing.
If I was on R&R but holidaying or occupied somewhere else and wouldn't be there to attend.
But to be there, in Perth, on R&R but have far too much to do (none of it fun) in the 7 days of R&R and not enough time in the 7 days to do it all - I'm sure you can understand how taunting and outrageous it seems.

I mean, even if it was at the end of R&R so that if I work myself stupid and exhausted over the first few days to maybe reward myself with enough things done to spare a few hours at the fair. But since it's during the weekend there's no way enough will be done by then to justify. I mean, my MUM is even in town! My bestest buddy and most favourite companion for craft show attendance!

*dramatic sigh*

There must be a lesson to be learnt here, and in time I'll get it, I know. And really, I'm not so terribly distraught seeing as I don't have very much to spend at the show even if I were able to attend, and I wouldn't be able to spend much time in classes either. I'm sorry to have such a childish outburst, I just needed to have a quick vent about it and now I can move on.

Regards to Mother Nature, hope all is well with you both.

Sincerely ,


p.s Wasn't the moon incredible this morning?! I mean.. the one on Earth - seeing as you're the universe and all you might have been distracted by other moons - but ours was especially fabulous this morning


Bink said...

This is exactly how I felt when I popped out to buy a paper in London, and discovered I could have been at a movie opening the night before, stalking Ioan Gruffudd!! IF ONLY I'D KNOWN!!! WHY DIDN'T I KNOW?!?!?!?!

*big hugs*

Now... how does the comments thingy know who I am all of a sudden?! Why does it think I'm a blogger!? I mean, I plan to be a blogger in the future, but how would it know? I think I'll stick to being a Name, thank-you-very-much-pyschic-comment-thing.

Ann said...

Don't worry - you are not the only one. We will be at the retreat this weekend & there's too much to do to get there before the retreat. There's always next year!