Sunday, May 10, 2009

Spring cleaning of sorts

I'm feeling a little as though I have spring cleaned my knitting conscious - or at least am in the process of doing so. I've been looking at the lower section of my ravelry projects page - you know, all those ones down the bottom there after allll the other projects have loaded. The items that are either frogged or ZZZZZZZ... hibernating! That's right, the UFOs (UnFinished Objects)...

I decided it was time to deal with a few projects languishing there in a state of limbo. Either pick them up and finish them off, or frog them once and for all!
So I've made those decisions and feel so much better for it! A few projects had actually already been frogged, or never really got off the ground in the first place and the yarn has been repurposed, so I recategorised those and now am left with the following projects to finish off;

Tums the Hippo!
Anna Hrachovec
Tum-tum Jan 09
Knit for lovely little Bosko I'm SO close to finishing this one! All I need to do is seam him up and stuff him! I know Bosko will love little Tum Tum :) I'd be doing this right now but he's back at home, so will have to wait another 3 sleeps until R&R.

The beautiful Lace Ribbon Scarf
Veronik Avery
ribbon lace june 08 011
Knit with the most FANTASTIC handspun from Bekk, this one was put to the backburner because I hadn't gotten into the rhythm of the lace yet. The fine yarn and little needles made it more of a lace project than a social/travel knit. If I reframe my thinking to consider this lace, just like a lace shawl, I think I'll knit it in more appropriate places rather than in the semi dark in front of the tellie or at bbqs! I'm really looking forward to having getting back on to this one. The yarn is incredible and I'm so excited to see it progress! :)

Susan Power
mosey june 08 002
My lovely moseys! I've finished the first one - cast off and all, rather than the half finished state this phtoo shows. Need to do the i-cord and pompom for it then I'm half way! It's a thick yarn, so as long as I can find the rest of the yarn somewhere this one shouldn't be too hard to finish off either. If I'm quick about it, I'll have some great legwarmers in time for the cold weather!

This little knit doesn't have a pattern per se, it was a little swatch of sorts that I knit up to trial the Moda Vera bamboo when it first came out.
Bamboo cotton
I decided to knit a little strip with a cable in the centre, and then sew it up into a wee coin purse. Now that I am equipt with Edwin at my side and some lovely fabrics, zips and thread, this should be a piece of cake to whip into shape!

And lastly, my Clapotis - by Kate Gilbert, an astounding 11,117 projects on ravelry!
clap close
This is the UFO I've taken from languishing on the pile and am working on right now, amongst my other current projects. Plugging along, it's really a very simple pattern and quite repetitive so shouldn't be too hard to memorise at all! I think because it's a project for me (hmm.. so are all of them actually..) I've always put this one off when a gift knit comes along, so haven't even knit it for long enough to get into the mindset and remember the pattern.

I would like to be UFO-less essentially. I think it's natural to have a few projects you've fallen out of love with, or need to put aside for a bit of breathing space. But I don't want to build up such a stash of forgotten knits like this again. It will feel great to work through them all and have lovely finished knits like I had always planned for these!! :D


inoriz said...

Umn.. yes... your lace ribbon scarf has my addi lace needles in it. >:|

Lol.. nah.. take your time!

2paw said...

Well done on whittling away your unfinished projects!! I do like the Lace Ribbon scarf and the Clapotis is gorgeous!!!

Ann said...

That's a great idea to spring clean. I did the same & frogged an UFO that I know I will not knit again. Love the lace ribbon scarf.