Monday, July 06, 2009

Would You Like To Try?

An avid listener of Stash & Burn, I was cruising through the podcast's Ravelry boards a little while ago and ended up looking at the 'Would You Like to Try' posts. My GOODNESS what a fantastic idea!!

The lovely Kathy (Curlyknits) agreed to post the samples I was interested in, despite my being overseas, and without delay they arrived!


The Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn was swiftly utlised for a Dream Swatch Headband which I have since finished but have yet to take a good FO photo of.
Headswatch (3)
I very much enjoyed using the yarn with it's tight twist, lovely hand and amazing colours. No wonder it's so addictive to people who see it in person!

Similarly addictive and perhaps even more etched onto my desires for stash enhancement, is Manos del Uruguay...
Manos Swatch (4)
Oh so heavenly delicious.. I managed to knit up a rectangular swatch that might just do as another stubby holder beer cosy - I would so very much like if it does as I'd then be able to have the gorgeous tones of this Manos around me every evening as I unwind from work!

I can feel a few purchases creeping up on me after this wonderful tasting experience...

If you've always wanted to try a particular yarn I highly recommend the Would You Like To Try board - I'll definitely be ferreting through my stash for oddbods to put up there on offer too!


eriven said...

That was nice to post it overseas to you. I've always wanted to try the Manos too, it looks lovely in your swatch.

Ann said...

That sounds like fun. I love testing new yarn. Happy a great time in the snow!