Sunday, July 05, 2009

Skoot and I have booked an extremely exciting trip... we're going to the snow!
We'll be heading over East to the snow ad are both SO excited! Those of you from snowy northern hemispehere climes might not fathom it, but Skoot has never been in snow. My snow experience comes from a winter spent in Switzerland, but I was 12 so my skiing and such was limited and, well.. rather clusy to be honest, but I don't think that changes with age!! So we can hardly contain ourselves - imagining all the adventures we'll have, the snowboarding, the snowman building, the crunching around through drifts of snow...

So in anticipation of the snowy weather I decided to knit up a cowl each for Shweetie and I. Quick smart I ordered some delicious Malabrgo from wonderful Yarn and Kisses and VOILA! Magic delivery of two fabulously soft and sumptuous skins in no time!!

malabrigo parcel
Complete with a little note and goodie! Feel very spoilt :)

So we chose Pearl Ten for the Shweetie - a nice grey/brown kind of colour
malabrigo pearl ten

and I could NOT go past the vibrant amazing Glazed Carrot - YUM!
malabrigo glazed carrot

I love LOVE this colour, I'm on such an orange binge at the moment!

In contrast to the weather they're intended for - the colours tone in very wil with this Pibara sunset I captured the other day, don't you think?

pilbara sunset


malaraky said...

Playing in the snow is such fun! You'll have a lovely time, and what a perfect opportunity to get some delicious malabrigo for new cowls. I love the glazed carrots color.

2paw said...

Your wool matches your photo perfectly. Have a wonderful Winter time in your cowls!!!