Monday, September 07, 2009


At last... Ishbel!

I have yearned for so very long to cast on for Ishbel, using the fabulous skein of Solis malabrigo sock yarn I've had marinating in my stash since being so kindly gifted to me byJolene.

I've always thought the yarn would knit up so beautifully into an Ishbel, with the lace resembling kelp fronds in shades of aqua and teal - delicious!


So now at least Ishbel is on my needles and I am LUFFING it! :D


Michelle said...

I've just finished knitting Ishbel and it's been blocking since yesterday :)

Can't wait to see yours knitted!!

Ann said...

You will love knitting Ishbel as I did. I am planning for a 2nd Ishbel as a Christmas gift.