Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Very Happy Very Rainbow

I have a wonderous FO to share!

shawl boots

Many months ago, perhaps even into the years stakes, Bekk of Bowerbird Knits sent me a most frabjulous skein of handspun!

happy rainbow

It felt such a special skein to me, and the colours so vibrant, changeable and the yarn so finely and beautifully spun (look at the wee barberpoling!) that I lingered for a long time in contemplation.

happy rainbow may08 003

Oohhh! It could be THIS or it could be THAT! Hmm... will that do justice to such a wonderous skein...? How about THIS!

And so it went on for some time..

happy rainbow may08 005

Eventually I decided that the Lace Ribbon scarf would be lovely as the zig-zag bars of stockinette would show off the fabric of yarn, and the laddered bars would show of singular strands.

ribbon lace june 08 011

But the mojo never took off, though it started well.
While lovely and full of potential, this project was not the TRUE love of this yarn, so I frogged it out and sat for a good while longer, contemplating

Finally I decided to throw caution to the wind as this is a HAPPY rainbow yarn and shouldn't be tied down and caught in restraint by serious contemplation - it needs to LIVE!

And with that gusto in mind and the magic flutterings of a joyful project conception - I cast on and the creation began! It hibernated on and off for a little, but once complete I wasted no time in the magic blocking ceremony!

rainbow pre block

(plushie bread for size comparison)


Macro shots of blocking lace/knitting are my FAVOURITE!



It turned out much larger than I had anticipated so is wonderful to wear, and is a lovely light drapey article like a technicolour gossamer web - all things wonderous and delightful!

Shawl close (4)

I am so very very happy with my very happy very rainbow knitkerchief!!

shawl standing
(Here making also making friends with my new winkle-pickin cowbies!)


2paw said...

It's beautiful and you are so clever. I love the blocking pictures too and your green top!!!

inoriz said...


Bonnie said...

Gorgeous!! Suits you perfectly :)

Ann said...

You have made the perfect choice of pattern as the colors are so gorgeous in the shawl. Outstanding!

Momo4ever.Com said...

Sasha!! The shawl is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the colours of the yarn!!!!

jessica said...